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Reference to



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anon; Freddy I'm your biggest fan
Freddy; I've had bigger



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No comments? No comments at all? How odd. WHat is he saying in Francais?


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Oh! Michael? I would give my heart, even my soul, to be able to have another moment like this one with you.
My small flower, this body of a purple hare is nothing compared to the radiance of your smile.



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good shit right here
thank you based crifox



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Welcome to UCN REPAINTED Begins, the first of three TPF retexturing files that synchronize together to create UCN Repainted. We learned the hard way that there are memory limits to TPF files, but on the upside, you can run them together- which means you'll get it in chunks but ultimate have all 56 together, before the download instructions below, this is the UCN REPAINTED Begins pack, which includes:

>The GhostQuest Office

>Balloon Boy
>Funtime Chica
>Funtime Foxy
>Phantom Mangle
>Freddy Fazbear
>El Chip
>Golden Freddy
>Doug Walker
>Jack O Chica
>Phone Guy

Instructions and download links coming shortly. Also just a note for before you download:

UCN was NOT remotely in any way built for a full body re-texturing. It functions just fine, but Scott uses some weird Voodoo, so sometimes the desk may flicker, or the static in the camera will fizzle into a random texture. It's by and large not an issue, but for any aesthetic issues, unfortunately, we have no access to the code whatsoever-- just texture mapping. You may have mild lag when starting a night, that should fix itself.

We can try to assist in troubleshooting here or in the general, but as mentioned earlier, it's largely system dependent and there's not a lot we can due from our end.


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Step 1: Download this very particular version of Texmod*, later versions will not run jumpscares correctly:

Step 2: Install this .tpf file, it should work without external assets.

(We will work on getting a Gamejolt account set up with a permanent link later)

Step 3: Boot up Texmod, and click on the large folder, and find your Ultimate Custom Night .exe file (you will need the game installed, it's free) and select it. From there, click the smaller folder icon and select the .tpf file labeled "UCN Repainted Begins - True.tpf", then click Run.

Conglaturations! You have downloaded a great re-texture!

We hope you enjoy! More extensions with more characters soon to come!


*In some computers, namely with Windows Defender, you will need to make an exception for Texmod. Texmod actively replaces textures as you play with new files, given it moves files around as you boot the game, it will be detected as suspicious and trigger alarms. Texmod has been used to change textures since people were putting nipples on Lara Croft in the PC port of the first Tomb Raider game.


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Offices break the game, whoops. But as an external addition, offices are fine, we'll be releasing Offices as their own thing. If you download the current mediafire link, it will not work.

Please download this Animatronic+Doug Walker only link if you are having flickering or black screen issues:


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On some computers, the previous link works, but because we (as in I) missed a motherfucking Jojo in the FNAF3 office, sometimes on booting it was still flickering.

So this new link removed that motherfucking Jojo reference, and that increased stability significantly. If you were unable to run the prior two links, this one should work more efficiently.



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how do i make it so it fits on the screen of my phone?



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I see somebody still wants to make a silly tap dancing pic of purple guy tap dancing. I mean i don't mind but Its just weird seeing Purple guy Tap dancing in girly tap shoes as supposed to normal looking tap shoes that men wore but i get it its for comedic effect and poke of my tastes in tap dancing ladies.


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why are you still here


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Cause i still like the stuff these guys post here.


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Lolbit.exe can now live in the comfortable confines of your computer!

You'll need Javascript installed to use Lolbit.exe.

She can interact with windows as well! However, this is limited just to Internet Explorer, there may be a way to manually configure her to have less 'limits' on what she can play with.

She's completely safe, and tested on three computers. She may not work on netbook or Macs. If you can't get her to pop up, try running the .jar file in 32 bit!

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